The next GERMAN PATIENT ROUNDTABLE is the SUMMER PICNIC by the Spree this Saturday!

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Dedicated to a Higher Quality of Life for Medical Marijuana and Cannabis Therapy patients in Germany, and throughout Europe.

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The goals of the GERMAN PATIENT ROUNDTABLE are simply to:

1- Provide a voice to the Patients of Germany... during the formation of national medical marijuana protocols aimed at helping them.

2- Provide a unbiased, patient-focused resource, for all Stakeholders to share information, gain knowledge and help develop workable solutions that directly benefit the Patients.

3- Be the "go-to-source" for educational seminars and events within Germany.  Our aim is to be a central clearing house, and facilitator of, Medical Marijuana educational events, seminars and activities by Stakeholders that directly benefit the Patients.

Our meetings are open to the public and we welcome motivated individuals and companies to join our efforts in making life better for patients in Germany and throughout Europe.

Our meetings are conducted in English to maximize participation by key stakeholders and our public education events are done in German.

Experience and Professionalism

The Charter members of the GERMAN PATIENT ROUNDTABLE include international executives from 8 countries, including physicians, research professionals, and of most importance patients. 

info on your health and medical cannabis / marijuana,

During the Summer of 2018 we will finalizing the formation of our Sub-Committees and selecting a Chairperson for each.  If you, or someone you know, is interested in being actively involved in this extremely important endeavor, please submit your suggestion in the form below.

Current subcommittees (Chairperson):

Education (Lisa Haag)

Legal ( Kai-Friedrich Niermann) 

Medical (PD Dr. Ranjit S. Bhardwaj )

CBD and Supplements (Jan Renneberg) 

Fiduciary  (Philip J. Cenedella IV)

Events (Daniel Priller)

Schedule of Events


Friday June 29


Public Show of Support for Patient Guenter Weiglein

Courthouse in Wuerzburg, Bavaria

Saturday July 14



@ Berlin Spree River

Friday September 21

1700 - 1900

Patient Education Symposium

@ Studio dB,  Berlin / homebase of Kollektiv  Spieltrieb e.V. 

Friday October 5

Munchen Executive Board Meeting @ 1700 at HAPA Medical Clinic

November 16:
Dortmund Meeting

December 7:
Annual Christmas Party and Award Ceremony in Berlin


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